[2011.03.23] I hate love.

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[2011.03.23] I hate love. Empty [2011.03.23] I hate love.

Post  DianaLu on Wed Mar 23, 2011 12:35 am

. You know, the concept of love is dumb. Do you really expect us to trust someone 100%, to care for then and to share every single part of you with them? Love is suppose to be beautiful, but it's not. Love is like a fairy. It may seem beautiful and gentle and kind and of so compelling, but it's intentions are sinister and only hopes the worse for you. It wants you to fall for it's eternal trap, and stay there forever. It's terrible.
. Love is when you give your all to someone. When you genuinely care about someone. When this person makes you want to be a better human being. When all you can think about is them. And their future. With you. So many people have no idea what love is. Children these days throw it around like it's a hot potato; to one person, then to the next, then to the next... But do they really know what it means? Do they fully understand what it feels like to be in this h hole? No, they don't, because they don't know any better. They don't know what it's like. They don't see the pain and the hurt that comes with love. Their vision of love is fake. It's not real.
. And do I believe in love at first sight, you ask? No. I believe you can see someone, and feel an attraction to them that pulls you closer to them. But love is more than just an attraction. You're going to need more than just a face to determine real love. People who believe in love at first sight are shallow. Love to them is a pretty face. It doesn't matter that teyre generous, giving, caring, or anything. They wouldn't give that person a second glance if they weren't pretty. But let's face it; we are a shallow race. It's what we're built to be.
. I hate love. I hate the compulsion that accompanies it. I hate knowing that there is a moment of weakness inside of you when you feel love. I hate the meaning of love, I hate te act of love, and I hate the people you love. People are devious. We're cunning. We're back stabbers. We are nothing but a filthy species that will believe anything. Will fall for anything. And the one thing I hate most about love, is you.

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