[2011.03.30] Catching Fire.

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[2011.03.30] Catching Fire. Empty [2011.03.30] Catching Fire.

Post  DianaLu on Wed Mar 30, 2011 1:35 am

. Holy Jesus Suzanne Collins is a freakig amazing writer. I just finished reading the second book of the hunger games series, catching fire. OHHH MY GOOSH. That book is amazing. I don't know why everyone said the second wasn't as good. IT WAS INTENSE AND EPIC AND MIND BOGGLING. it's one thirty and I'm scared to go to sleep because the book seems so real, how the author captures these moments and thoughts and events and everything. Oh my goodness I'm like shaking with fear and astonishment and shock right now. That book... SO MAKE TWOSTS AND TURNS AND SO HEART WRETCHING. it wa beautifully constructed and everything was planned out beautifully. Oh my gosh... THAT BOOK WAS FREAKING AMAZING.

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