[2011.06.16] I will not be defined by my ethnicity.

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[2011.06.16] I will not be defined by my ethnicity. Empty [2011.06.16] I will not be defined by my ethnicity.

Post  DianaLu on Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:15 am

I hate it when people point out my ethnicity. It doesn't define me. It doesn't tell you what I like, what I do, what I'm like, or who I am. It only tell me that you're a racist pig. Thank you, I am quite aware I'm Asian. Do you know what part of Asia? Do you know what Asian even means? Anyone in Asia is Asian. Indians; Orientals; Russians; Indonesians. Not just Chinese. Jeez, I'm not even Chinese. I like to call myself Vietnamese. Mainly so I can throw it in people's faces. Like yours.

I bet you think there's only one kind of Asian. Only one kind of Chinese. Well you're wrong. There are two (technically many more, but these are the main two). I'm cantonese Chinese. Ching chong doesn't mean anything in Chinese, in Vietnamese, in English, Russian, German, French, NOTHING. You just look stupid and not to mention rudely racist by asking that.
This world is so racist. No matter what happens, white people are too ignorant to change. They don't care to educate themselves. I really hate when I point out they're racist, and they just accept it. " It's not something to be proud of," I say. "It's okay." they reply. No, it's NOT OKAY. YOU'RE WHAT THE WORLD HATES. WHAT THE WORLD IS TRYING TO GET RID OF.

But I really shouldn't talk. I admit that even I make racist jokes. Only to Nahomi though. I do it because everyone else does it. She said it's okay, because she too makes jokes at my race. But it still doesn't make it okay. It's verbal abuse, and no matter how unaffected one can act, it hurts them inside. How do you know they don't cry at night because of the unintentionally abusive words that were said that day? Because I know that I've had a few of those nights. I'm tough, and crying doesn't make me weak. I'm not afraid to say that I cry at night sometimes because of what my friends and classmates and strangers say about my ethnicity. They don't understand what it feels like, because they belong here. They fit in. They don't make fun of white people because they ARE white people.

We should really not do such a thing. It's rude. I will not, from now on, say a racist thing towards anybody, and if I do, then I am will be no better than the people who say racist comments about me. I will not stoop so low. I will not make a joke at something one cannot change. I am not that kind of person. I will not be that kind of person. I do not want to inflict any pain upon anyone unintentionally about their skin colour. I will not. But will you?

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