[2011.07.19] I am unhappy.

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[2011.07.19] I am unhappy. Empty [2011.07.19] I am unhappy.

Post  DianaLu on Tue Jul 19, 2011 9:32 pm

. I really don't have any close friends anymore. I don't have someone who shares a lot of things with me, I don't have anyone who watches some of the same shows as me, I don't have anyone to rant about my day and I don't have anyone telling me theirs. I was watching Degrassi and I don't even have someone to be excited with. I don't have anyone to share opinions with. I'm so excited and Degrassi is insanely epic, but I have no one to share my excitement with.

. I want a really close friend. Seems like lately, I've been repelling every friend/ potential friend around.

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