[2012.03.30] You know what I hate more than most things?

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[2012.03.30] You know what I hate more than most things? Empty [2012.03.30] You know what I hate more than most things?

Post  DianaLu on Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:53 pm

I don't like it when I get so obsessed about people - and you know me, when I get obsessed, I. GET. OBSESSED. - and to them, I'm just a small part of their lives. It's as though I'm a tiny insect on their wind shield called life whereas to me they're the whole car.

And it sucks even more when they make me feel like I'm the only girl in the world (lol is it just me or did you sing the song when you read that?) but in actuality, I'm one of the girls. Freaking players. I don't like them.

I just want to be what one girl who means the world to a guy. Who has changed them in a good way. That one girl that they know they can go to for anything, can count on for anything, and can ask for anything. I want to be that shining girl in the sea of other girls. Like in those movies, there's that jock who can get any girl he wants, but chooses the one in the corner by herself. There's nothing attractive about her, yet he finds her so compelling and fascinating.

Why can't I be that girl?

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