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Post  DianaLu on Thu Jan 27, 2011 10:27 pm

. Sometimes, I feel like I can't breath. I feel like my lungs are already full, so when I take a deep breath, it doesn't hit the spot. I try to let out all the air I have in my lungs, but it just won't come out. When I inhale too much, trying to get enough air in, I get dizzy (naturally). It's more of a comfort thing rather than an actual need thing, because I am still getting the air in, but it's just not 'full'. It's really bothersome, and I looked on this app (triange) and I came up with a few possibilities.

Possibility : Pulmonary edema

. This is when there's abnormal lung fluid in your lungs. The symptons include shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, grunting or gurgling sounds with breathing, wheezing, increased shortness of breath with lying down (orthopnea), cough, anxiety, restlessness, excessive sweating, and pale skin.
. I'm pretty sure I have all of these symptons, maybe not coughing, but definately the other. Yesterday, I was having cold sweats (when you're freezing btu you're sweating) and I always think how pale my skin looks after I shower. And mostly at night, my breathing follows shortly after by a wheezing noise or a gurgling noise. It's really weird and it's making me worry...


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