[2011.01.28] List of 200: About Me.

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[2011.01.28] List of 200: About Me. Empty [2011.01.28] List of 200: About Me.

Post  DianaLu on Sat Jan 29, 2011 1:45 am

1. My favourite movies are Up, Inception, and Avatar.
2. My favourite Disney princess is Aurora.
3. My least favourite Disney princess is Jasmine.
4. I'm not a big fan of Pocohontas.
5. I think the Lion King is a very emotionally sad movie.
6. I cried when watching Beauty and the Beast.
7. I am a fan of Justin Bieber.
8. Even though I am 15, I still watch Disney shows.
9. I like iCarly and Victorious.
10. I dislike old people who nag too much.
11. My nails are never perfect.
12. I like my hair long.
13. In grade 3, I got my hair cut like a boy cut and someone asked me if I as a guy.
14. My favourite colour is red/pink (coral) and black.
15. I have three dogs; Jayna, Tommy, and Puppy. All miniature pinschers.
16. I like golden retreivers because they are good learners.
17. I do not like loud noises.
18. People may not think I am capable of projecting my voice loudly, but I can.
19. I take frequent naps.
20. I hate falling asleep.
21. I get paranoid at night.
22. Soemtimes I forget I'm short. And asian.
23. i wish I had nice eyelashes.
24. I hate the random mole on my lip.
25. I can move my should so it looks dislocated (left shoulder only).
26. I can lick my elbow (right elbow only).
27. I can juggle two balls the proper way.
28. I can solve one side on a rubiks cube.
29. I have memorized 70 decimals of pi. (3.14159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83269 50288 41971 69399 37510 58209 74944 59230 78164)
30. I try to explore my mind a lot.
31. I try to push my limits.
32. I like experimenting with what I am capable of doing.
33. My favourite super hero is Superman.
34. My favourite shows are The Vampire Diaries, Glee, Castle, Smallville and Degrassi.
35. I like a lot of things.
36. I eat a lot.
37. I am a picky eater.
38. I like being aorund people, even if I don't act like it.
39. I like attention.
40. I don't like it when people try to steal the lime light.
41. I like being organized.
42. I like the idea of minimal and simple shelfing.
43. I wish english classes actually taught grammar and spelling.
44. I am better in French class then in English class.
45. I like reading random fun facts.
46. I have a very odd train of thought.
47. I like feeling safe and secure with my pillows close around me while I sleep.
48. I like having a little bit of light when I sleep.
49. I like having the dorr closed.
50. I love animals.
51. I hate ice skating.
52. When I was little, I wanted to be a figure skater.
53. When I was 12, I wanted to be and Olympic gymnist.
54. I am level 4 in swimming. But I stopped many years ago,
55. I wish my parents pushed me harder.
56. I wear a charm bracelet and a pink watch on my left hand,
57. I like having extra hair bands on my right hand incase of emergency.
58. I liek saving.
59. My favourite stuffed animal was a white stuffed rabbit I got in grade 4 named Darla.
60. I am very fond the the build a bear store.
61. My favourite stores are Walmart, Dollarstore, and Staples.
62. I am strangly very fond of school supplies, specifically pencils and notebooks.
63. I hate doing laundry.
64. I prefer the warm rather than the cold.
65. I do not like the bus.
66. I like challengin myself.
67. I do not like it when people rain on my parade.
68. I do not like it when people tell me I cannot do something.
69. I hate it when people tell me I'm wrong, when I know I'm not.
70. The teacher I hate the most is Ms. Leadley, my civics teacher.
71. My favourite teachers are Ms. Hodgson, Ms. Clark, and Ms. Bagley.
72. I can eat really spicy things.
73. I usually have different friends every few years (Mikayla in grade JK - 1, Jelena in grade 1, Stephanie in grade 2 - 5, Sally in grade 5 - 8, Maria in grade 6 - 8 , Ashley in grade 6 - 8, Jill in grade 1, 6 - 9, Paige in grade 9 - now, etc).
74. I really like blonde hair and blue eyed guys.
75. I like writing poems, even if they are bad.
76. I wish I knew how to play the drums.
77. I like being around Gav's friends or Chanel's friends, but not my own.
78. I try not to talk poorly about others.
79. I pull all-nighters all the time.
80. I have issues sleeping.
81. I have breathing issues.
82. I want to start brand new.
83. I wish I could forget everything for a month.
84. I prefer 0.7 lead over 0.5 lead.
85. My favourite coin is the quarter.
86. The closest thing I come close to collecting is special coins.
87. I would like to help the homeless one day.
88. I am not the most sanitary person in the world.
89. I enjoy taking classes outside of school.
90. I like meeting new people.
91. My favourite shape is the heart shape.
92. I spell like an american but I'm learning how to spell like a Canadian.
93. My favourite makeup is mascara and an eyelash curler.
94. My favourite McDonalds meal is the 6 piece chicken mcnugget combo.
95. I want to start a new thing where each year, I'd burn all the papers and stuff I don't want. Like a letting-go bonfire. But not really.
96. Guys are good friends to have. I wish I had more.
97. I don't know why, but I'm always mean to guys. I wish I wasn't.
98. I am very gullible. Which is why I'm always second guessing everything.
99. My favourite magazines are J-14, Tigerbeat, QuizFest and Readers Digest.
100. My favourite fruits are mangos, asian pears, apples, watermelon and cantalopes.
101. I am closer to my mother than my father.
102. I loooooooooooooove food.
103. I prefer fish/shrimp balls over meat balls.
104. I like seaweed.
105. Rarely will I ever joke about loving someone.
106. I almost never say I Love You to someone who is close to me.
107. I wish I could express my feelings more without feeling embarassed.
108. I like having attention from guys.
109. I don't care about height.
110. I am not very fond of large people.
111. I wish guys went on facebook more and hugged people more.
112. I get jealous easily.
113. I and short-tempered.
114. I sleep on my side.
115. I wear my hair in a ponytail at school almost everyday, but viceversa at home.
116. My wardrobe consists of jeans, SWS shirts, and sweaters.
117. I like fashion clothings, but I don't think they look any good on me.
118. I wish I had the face that matched everything, so I could make funny faces without it looking ugly, or wear different styles and make it still work for me.
119. I like having an advantage over others.
120. I like feeling special, but I hate realizing that I'm not the only one.
121. I wish guys showed who they like more.
122. I wish I had piano fingers.
123. I try to pen-spin.
124. I have longish toes.
125. I crack my knuckles so much that it's almost unconcious now.
126. I have a different laugh around guys.
127. I like small things.
128. I like things that save space and are convienent.
129. I really like the idea of a yearbook.
130. I like reading.
131. My favourite books are The Host, The Mediator Series and Airhead Series.
132. I have all four books of the Twilight Saga.
133. I like doing word searches and Sudokus.
134. My iPod is my life.
135. My favourite brand names are Apple and Streetwear Society.
136. I try to be colourful.
137. I am good at fitting many things in small places and arranging things so that they'll fit.
138. I've been to Vietnam, Atlanta, California, Ohio, Detroit, Toronto and Cabo Sans Lucas.
139. My favourite animals are dogs, tigers, red pandas, monkeys, lions and cheetahs.
140. I like silver over gold.
141. I like sparkly things. Specifically white sparkly things.
142. I like dressing up and going to fancy places.
143. I really enjoy school fieldtrips that are over night.
144. I really like going to camp.
145. I like free things. But they're nto always good stuff.
146. I do not like chocolate. At all.
147. I do not swear. At all. I dislike it when people do not understand this.
148. I still dream of meeting the perfect guy for me.
149. I wish my life was more exciting.
150. My favourite computer games are MapleStory and Sims 3: Nightlife.
151. Ski resorts are fiilled with hot guys.
152. My most visited sites are Youtube, Facebook, Google, and StumbleUpon.
153. I love the nighttime. It's always better than the daytime.
154. I like keeping my electronics clean, so I wipe them down every once in a while.
155. I try to be relaxed.
156. I do not like it when adults touch me (not sexually). They bother me.
157. I like it better when people around my age touch me (not sexually).
158. I like strawberry pocky. (http://www.asiagrocery.com/My_Pictures/Pocky-box(72).jpg)
159. My favourite flavour is strawberry. Or the red one.
160. I love bubble tea. I always order strawberry green tea with tapioca and lychee jelly.
161. I dislike rap so much.
162. I dislike it when songs have rapping AND swearing. I try to get the radio edit.
163. I dislike South Park, and Robot Chicken. Family guy is not the best, but the Simpsons owns them all.
164. I use MSN over Skype, AIM and Yahoo.
165. I am very giving, but people only call me out when I decide to be selfish.
166. I don't liek stereotypes.
167. I like jokes that are amazingly clever.
168. I like trying to figure out complez things.
169. I save too much.
170. Bugs bother me.
171. I do not like it when people my age are drinking and doing innaprotiate things.
172. It pains me to see poeple younger than me smoking and doing drugs.
173. I hate smokers.
174. I played chess in grade 5.
175. I feel sorry for those who are picked on a lot.
176. Old guys with long hair is gross.
177. When I go get my face waxed or needles in me, I always randomly giggle.
178. I do not like throwing out perfectly good things.
179. My parents raised me to be cheap, but now they're telling me to not be.
180. When I sleep, I always have to be huging something.
181. I hate it when people wake me up annoyingly.
182. I'm a light sleeper.
183. I prefer multiple floors rather than one huge floor.
184. I think it's useless to spend money on something that is not needed.
185. I like shopping with Chanel more than I like shopping with anyone else.
186. I have the same scar on my left hand (along the very very bottom of my index finger) as my mom, but she has hers on her right hand.
187. I have a random red mark and brown mark on my left wrist..
188. I have eight scars; one on my left knee, the back of my left leg (above the ankle), on the front of my left shin, on my right hand, on the left side of my face, on my rigth elbow, on my right thigh and another on my right thigh.
189. I get a weird feeling in my stomach when I'm on a swing and I feel like I'm falling.
190. I am not really egotistical, just confident.
191. I hate wimpy noobs.
192. I'm terrible at explaining myself.
193. I have a hard time identifying equations/formulas/etc.
194. My favourite colour combination is blue and cream.
195. I like sugar on my strawberries.
196. I prefer wire headbands than the other kind.
197. I always wear my gold studded earrings.
198. The one thing I dislike about myself is my legs.
199. My favourite drink is Pepsi.
200. i am very fond of double sided tape.

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