August 8th, 2012: Tender is the night

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August 8th, 2012: Tender is the night Empty August 8th, 2012: Tender is the night

Post  Chanely on Wed Aug 08, 2012 1:42 am

Dear diary,
Today still feels like Tuesday, though it's Wednesday since it is currently 1:37 AM. I will probably be sleeping at 2 AM today, like I have for basically the past week. I haven't written to you in a while, diary, since I didn't really feel like being too active on this blog when Diana was gone anyway.
So, today I asked myself why i love the night so much. I don't know.... but I realized that my emotions and thoughts during the night differ very much from the morning. I feel like the night is where I am more self conscious, and I analyze everything going around in my life. it is a time for me to explore/develop/learn more about myself, and I can focus more on a certain thing at night. For instance, it's much more comfortable for me to read when most lights are off except for my book light, and I'm sitting on the sofa alone. Though it is quite frightening, i do try to reassure myself to not think about these things.
The night is when I'm more emotional, where all my worries can rise from the surface, but also where my optimism might kick in. Everything is more emphasized at night; sometimes my loneliness, my happy times, the importance of my marks, etc. etc. It's just everything. Yet at the same time, i like the night. The calmness yet frenzy mood my mind has is so strange that I have yet to explore.
Or maybe I'm just tired and overly thinking haha.
I'll see you soon, diary.

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