[2014.02.03] Allergies.

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[2014.02.03] Allergies. Empty [2014.02.03] Allergies.

Post  DianaLu on Sat Feb 22, 2014 7:28 am

You see, the thing about my body is, at any given time and place, I can break out into hives. And if you've every had hives before, they fricken suck. If you haven't, just imagine having several mosquito bites all congregated in a concentrated area all over your body.

It doesn't matter if I'm at home, or if I'm four hours away, or across the atlantic ocean. It doesn't matter what clothes I wear, it doesn't matter what I've eaten, I can get it in the morning, afternoon, and night. My doctor said it was allergies to ragweed, but it's not ragweed season. It happens even when I shower, change my clothes, and stay inside all day, it happens anyway. Doesn't matter if I go to a completely foreign place, a medical place that should be sanitary, in clothes that I had just washed. It doesn't matter.

And I find it highly offensive that people are making things harder for me and not trying to help. I know I'm fricken sassy but maybe perhaps it is because I am infested with an irritating problem that can only be resolved by taking pills that make you drowsy and sleep. Maybe if you knew what it was like to wake up and feel like there are bugs crawling under your skin, to feel like no matter how hard you itch, how often you itch, how frequent you itch, it's still going to be there, and it's still going to give off that light tingle that lets you know it's living off of your discomfort. There's no ignoring it and it fricken affects my daily activities because every second of every day I have them it makes me want to rip my fricken skin off and I just want it to stop but they aren't helping me in any way and I am already frustrated as is.

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