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Post  DianaLu on Fri Feb 11, 2011 2:05 pm

. I NEED cable. I'm missing too many shows, and it's not good. I've missed the season repremire of Glee, 3 weeks of Vampire Diaries, DEGRASSI TONIGHT, and a whole bunch of other jizz, and I NEED IT. I cannot survive without my tv cable >=O Mother's too lazy to call, so we haven't had it for SO LONG. TOOO LONG. I NEED CABLE.

holy jesus, my parents clearly do not understand how badly i need it, since the cable guy is coming NEXT WEEK. WTH AM I SUPPOSE TO DO FOR A FREAKING WEEK. YOu have no idea how many shwos i'm missing. I'm missing castle, glee, hcats, the vampire diaries, DEGRASSI (season premire TONIGHT at 9, showing TWO EPISODES), wizards of waverly place, suite life on deck, sonny with a chance, good luyck charlie, shake it up, victorious, icarly, csi : miami, smallville, and 6teen. HOLY JESUS DUDE. i do not enjoy watching it online, because one. it's smaller. two. it's less epic. three. less distractions. four. better quality on tv. five. better chance of finding a link. six. hgiher quality. seven. no lag. eight. isnt on the comp, which makes me feel more active. nine. more up to date on everything. ten. just so much better in general. less hassle, that right there. is 10 reasons to give me my cable back.

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