[2011.02.17] List of 50: About Me.

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[2011.02.17] List of 50: About Me. Empty [2011.02.17] List of 50: About Me.

Post  DianaLu on Thu Feb 17, 2011 10:36 pm

1. I like my meat in strips.
2. My favourite kind of meat is pork.
3. My sign is Sagittarius.
4. My chinese calendar sign is the pig.
5. My favourite holiday is Christmas. Second is Valentine's day.
6. I'm a hopeless romantic.
7. I love romance novels. Mystery novels and fantasy novels work too.
8. I like reading about random stuff on the internet.
9. I like learning.
10. I like math, because it's pretty easy, as long as you know what you're doing.
11. I like science, and recently became interested in psychology.
12. My favourite number is 2 or 6. Or 26.
13. My favourite month is july.
14. My favourite season is summer.
15. I prefer the hot over the cold.
16. I'm all talk and no do.
17. I spend too much time on facebook.
18. I like saying the phrase "I feel..."
19. I like imagining things.
20. I like reading out loud.
21. I am a completely different person from grade school to high school.
22. I like to play grammar police.
23. I try to be fair and not judgmental.
24. I try to be nice, and to get others to be nice.
25. I don't like it when people swear.
26. I don't like not knowing.
27. I suck at guessing.
28. Apparently I have good timing. Yknow those arcade games with the wheel thing? I get it every time.
29. I love laser tag.
30. I suck at conserving money.
31. I try to save. But now, I realized there's no point.
32. I don't want to grow up.
33. I don't want time to move forward.
34. I hope too much.
35. My favourite body part is the right arm. Or your dominant arm.
36. I like long hair.
37. My hair can look red in the sunlight.
38. I like smaller versions of things.
39. I like handheld objects.
40. The first thing I notice in a guy is his looks. But his personality is what wins me over.
41. I honestly don't care about my height. Everyone else does.
42. I admire long legs.
43. I like having nice eyes.
44. I can dilate my pupils on command. It makes my vision get blurry to not blurry.
45. I can move my butt muscles.
46. I can make it look like my left shoulder is dislocated.
47. I crack my knuckles a lot.
48. I always wear my charm bracelet on my left wrist and some hairbands on the right.
49. I like soft beds, not firm. I'm a side sleeper.
50. I wish I had piano fingers.

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