[2011.01.27] List of 100: Random Facts About Me.

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[2011.01.27] List of 100: Random Facts About Me. Empty [2011.01.27] List of 100: Random Facts About Me.

Post  DianaLu on Thu Jan 27, 2011 7:38 pm

1. I'm only scared of the dark because I'm scared there's some serial killer behind it.
2. I have trust issues.
3. I'm too open, even when I try not to be.
4. I feel like my friends aren't close to me because I push them away.
5. I feel like my friends are trying to avoid me.
6. My only real friend is Chanel.
7. I like a lot of people because I'm a hopeless romantic.
8. I try not to think a lot, but I fail every time.
9. I'm really shy, but I try not to be, because I hate being awkward.
10. I try to be happy, but sometimes it's hard to.
11. I talk a lot because I don't want people to think of me as shy.
12. People probably think I'm annoying because I talk so much.
13. I care about what people say, but I try not to let it get to me.
14. Sometimes, it's hard to forget what people say.
15. Sometimes, it does matter what people think of you.
16. The worst thing about ignorance is that it never lasts.
17. I'm really random, because I get distracted easily.
18. Since I am both distracted easily and a thinker, it's very hard to concentrate sometimes.
19. When I try to focus, I get distracted all the time, but I always remind myself to get on task.
20. I surround myself with smart braniacs, but it doesn't make me any smarter.
21. I would like to think of myself as smart, but it's hard to when I look at the people around me.
22. I don't really like asian people in terms of attraction, but I love having asian friends.
23. I prefer white people, but I can never relate to them.
24. All my asian friends are the people I feel most comfortable with.
25. I want to live in a big city, like Toronto, or New York.
26. When I think of bad thoughts, I try to remember what I believe in.
27. When I'm mad, I try so hard to keep it under control.
28. I have anger issues. When I'm having a bad day, I'm having a BAD day.
29. I like playing with fire. I like burning things, and I think the way flames move is interesting,
30. No matter how mean I am, I would never get personal.
31. Word hurt. No matter what they say.
32. I am not capable of doing things that would cause great pain to others.
33. I try my best to be the best I can be, but sometimes I slip.
34. I try to keep an 80% or higher in every class, but lately, it's very hard.
35. I feel like I am mentally unstable, but not crazy, or have any disorder.
36. I am very honest to myself, but not very honest to others.
37. I pretend all the time. It's my favourite game.
38. I always kid around, because I'm actually a serious person.
39. My maturity level is probably too high for my age.
40. I think of myself as the greatest person ever in hope that one day, I'll come close.
41. I put my hope way too high.
42. I never feel anything. When I cry, I don't feel it. It's hard for me to feel something inside.
43. I stopped caring in grade 6.
44. I like to collect memories.
45. I try my best to remember things, but it never gets remembered.
46. My mind likes to make everything more complicated for me.
47. When I read books, after I finish, I'll think how the author thinks, and speak how they speak.
48. My relationships with the people around me are probably not as big as I think they are.
49. I daydream all the time.
50. I have allergies. I get hives. A lot of people say I get hickeys. But they're allergies.
51. It bothers me when people assume things about me.
52. I'm the biggest hypocrite in the world.
53. I hate when people tell me something I already know.
54. When I get mad at people, I try to put myself in their shoes to understand the situation more.
55. I over analyze things.
56. I really like science (chemistry and biology) even though they're not my greatest subject.
57. I hope to become successful one day.
58. I do not like getting in trouble.
59. When I talk to white people, I feel the pressure of trying to sound cool and not lame.
60. To my real friends, I embrace my lameness.
61. My real friends (excluding Chanel) don't know anything about me.
62. I'm meaner to the people closer to me.
63. Sometimes, I forget that I'm small. Sometimes, I forget I'm asian.
64. In my head, the world is peaceful.
65. In my head, everything is brighter.
66. In the back of my head, I know it's all not true.
67. I try to act smart, but sometimes I feel like the complete opposite.
68. I'm spoiled.
69. I try not to be a bad person.
70. I try not to be all these things people hate.
71. I'm a people pleaser. I forget the people closest to me's needs to please strangers often.
72. I always want more. But then again, who doesn't?
73. I'm not a big fan of brand names like American Eagle. Streetwear Society all the way.
74. I really like my fruits and veggies.
75. I love seafood and meat. Favourite food groups right there.
76. If you talk to me for 5 mins, you'll think I'm cool. But if you spend any longer, you won't.
77. I eat small portions often instead of big portions less often.
78. Teachers never like me.
79. I try to be a good student, but somehow, I'm not.
80. I'm always average.
81. I never get perfect. I always get one from perfect.
82. I really like playing mmorpg games, but there are only so many good ones...
83. I choose things on their attractiveness.
84. I like to sing. But I'm not the best. Yet.
85. I wish I took gymnastics when I was little.
86. I feel like I wasted 15 years of my life.
87. My childhood feels like it was nothing. I feel like I never actually lived it, but I remember it.
88. I question the meaning of life all the time.
89. No matter how sad I am, I would never kill myself. I love life.
90. Life is hard, but that's the point.
91. I'm scared of growing old.
92. When I'm under pressure, I feel like I work better.
93. I hate being under pressure.
94. I hate procrastinating. But when I do things early, I usually have tor restart it.
95. My legs are too short. I admire people with long legs.
96. I had a favourite pencil. I found it in grade 6. But I lent it to someone and they lost it.
97. I like to think I am good at many things, but I'm not.
98. I wish i had a "thing".
99. I try to excel at everything. But I don't.
100. Writing it down make me feel better, because at least someone something is listening.

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