[2011.06.26] Ambition.

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[2011.06.26] Ambition. Empty [2011.06.26] Ambition.

Post  DianaLu on Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:44 pm

i hate how im ambitious. i hate how i always get so excited over something that will never happen. i hate planning big things because i know that they will never happen, but i plan anyways. i hate having big dreams. i hate setting myself up for disappointment.

i need to get myself a best friend. one that i can do anything with; volunteer, hang out, go shopping with. i want to do something this summer. i want to get closer to one of my already good friends. i thought paige was my best friend, but we're nothing alike. she doesn't volunteer. she doesn't like the same stuff i like. we're nothing alike actually. that's why we can't do anything together. i want a friend who i can just do whatever with and not care about what other people think or what they think or anything. sigh.

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